You Are Here kyna_doles July 24th, 2012

The Boy Who Made E-MAIL

LicensePublic Domain
Notes/DescriptionIn this hour we explore The Postal Ties That Bond: Tales of the Post Office. Recently, post offices nationally joined the list of the country’s ‘11 most endangered historic places’. In just the first half of this year, USPS lost 6.5 billion dollars -- a number more than double than that of the first two quarters of 2011. Today in our show we explore different aspects of the service-- which could likely phase out over a few short decades. Our reporters talk to postal service workers, and the man behind email. We also discover the whole mess of politics hiding behind the service’s crushing debt and what solutions USPS might have going forward.
ProgramtitleThe Postal Ties that Bond
StationWERS 88.9
HostAlyssa Edes
Air Date7/1/2012
Writer(s)Alyssa Edes


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