WERS alyssa_edes October 18th, 2012

The Galactic Era: Host Intro

LicensePublic Domain
Producer(s)Kathryn Barnes
Station88.9 WERS FM
Air Date9/2/2012
Show TitleThe Galactic Era
DirectorAlyssa Edes
Notes/DescriptionJust weeks after the Mars Rover landing and Neil Armstrong’s death, we’re dedicating an hour to the galactic era. Space exploration seems to be expanding from mere scientific purposes to creating infrastructures in space. Our reporters bring the possibility of living on another planet to fruition, by speaking with science fiction writers and astrophysicists. We explore the new and innovative ideas in the realm of space tourism, including who’s who in the commercial spacecraft industry and where tourists are heading in space. One reporter then discusses space as the common heritage of mankind, and the dangers which come from shared ownership. To close the show, we sit down with the author of Neil Armstrong’s biography, who talks to us about the man behind the spacesuit.


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