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Help - Accessibility and Closed Captioning

Emerson strives to be compliant and accommodate students wherever necessary and in any way possible. With Median, we have set up a partnership with, an open source non-profit, which has provided us with tools to caption our online media.

Options for Closed Captioning in Median

To enable captions all the time, go to Homepage > Manage Your Content > Account Options > Enable subtitles when available

A video on Median that has been captioned will have a "CC" button in the lower-right of the video player, which you can click to toggle subtitles. If you enable subtitles at the account level using the above option they will show up automatically wherever available, on Median and on Median embedded videos.

Using Closed Captions

By default, a video will not display captions unless you have enabled subtitles at the account level in Median (see above) or clicked on the "CC" button on the Median video player.

If you want to ensure your embedded video have closed captioning enabled, simply add ?cc=1 to the end of your Median embed code URL.


If you have variables like autoplay already in the URL, simply change it to &cc=1


How do I add closed captioning to my video?

Currently, closed captioning can only be done by authorized users. Please do not hesitate to contact Disability Services if you require any specific accommodations.

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