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Help - General Median FAQ

My videos are taking forever to upload!

There are a lot of reasons why an upload would take a long time to go from your computer to Median's servers. Here are a few of the most common reasons:

  • Poor connection speed. This could be due to being on a wireless network, or off-campus, or some other kind of network instability. This is largely outside of your control, so there's not a lot you can do. The guaranteed fastest connection you can have to Median is to be on-campus in a computer lab, at a staff desk, or in a classroom. When you are off-campus, your upload speed will be significantly slower than if you were on-campus.
  • Large file size. Uploading a 4GB video file to Median will take time, there's nothing anyone can do about that. Please note that the duration of a video does not necessarily have anything to do with how long it will take to upload. However, if you are uploading a 10-minute long video that's 2GB, you can probably make that file size a lot smaller before uploading it to Median. To learn more about how to make your video file size smaller, read the guide on video for the web.
  • Median is under heavy load. This happens very rarely, and usually only during finals week, but it can be the cause of some slowness. However, this will be apparent on all sections of Median, not just the uploader. If Median is acting erratically or noticeably slowly, please contact us immediately.

How can I make a YouTube-like channel?

There are a lot of features in Median that can accomplish this. First, every user can create "Playlists" by clicking "Manage Your Content" at the Median home page and then clicking on the "Playlists" link above your entries. These are personal playlists, just for you. If you want to create a list of entries that's controlled by not just yourself, start a Group by clicking "Groups" at the Median home page and then finally click the "Start a New Group" button. You can add new entries or existing entries to your playlists or groups.

How do I make my entry visible only to X but not to Y?

Every entry on Median has complex access controls that can help set who can see your entry. When uploading a new entry or editing an existing one, these options are found in the Privacy & Ownership section. That's where you can set who owns the entry, who can see the entry, and whether to password-protect or hide the entry entirely. For example, if you want to restrict an entry just to your class, you can select your class from the dropdown in the Organization section, and then later in the form check off Restrict to Class.

How long can my entries "live" on Median?

Your content can exist on Median at least as long as you have a valid Emerson College account. If any content on Median by people no longer at Emerson is deleted, such action will be preceded by standard account deletion notifications sent by Information Technology.

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