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Help - Podcasting on Median

Using Median to publish podcasts is easy! Every user, category, playlist, group, etc, has built-in iTunes-compatible RSS feeds available through Median. Any audio or video file will be iTunes-compatible through Median's backend transcoding.

For example, the entire ETIN category has an RSS feed available here.

To do this, you must make sure the settings on your media entries are as follows:

  1. You must use an open license like a Creative Commons license or Public Domain.
  2. The "Restricted to" field, below the licensing options, must be set to Publicly Accessible, not "Just Emerson College" or any other option.

When these conditions are met, your content will automatically be available in the RSS feed for whatever channel you've added the entry to. You can find a link to the RSS feed by clicking the orange RSS feed button in the top-right of any Listing page.

Additionally, feel free to use third-party services like Feedburner to get in-depth analytics on your RSS feeds, as Median does not provide this functionality.

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