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Help - The Uploader

The Uploader is how you get media on Median. It is available to any logged-in user. Median accepts five different types of media entry: video, audio, image, document, and link. The first four are file-based and can be accepted in batches of up to five files at a time. Links can only be submitted one at a time. While there is no technical limit to the maximum upload file size, since the quality of your internet connection determines how much you can reasonably upload at once, there is a generally accepted limit of 4-5GB total per upload. This limit can be four 1GB files or one large 4GB file.

The Uploader can be done by just uploading content and submitting the form. Median employs a number of default settings that are intended to secure your media. Alternatively, you can fill out the entire Uploader and select your own settings, then save them as Defaults so every time you use the Uploader, those settings will be used. The default Median settings are to set the licensing of the media as "Unknown", restrict the content to the Emerson Community, place it in the Uncategorized category, and set the uploading user as the sole owner of the entry.

When uploading more than one file at a time, all of the settings are attributed to those files except the titles. So if you decide to upload five videos at once, and you add them to a class in the Uploader, all of them will be added to that class. You can always edit the entries individually later, or bulk-add them to classes through the Manage page.

Classes, categories, events, and groups will only be available to you if you have access to them. You may see no events available for selection in the Uploader because none are available at the time. Any groups you are a member of will be listed as potential owners.

Media Info, or Metadata, is entirely optional. The Notes field will be used as its iTunes Summary if your content is in an RSS feed.

If you wish to have multiple owners of the media entry but show only one of them as the owner on its player page, use the Show Owner As field under "Privacy & Ownership".

Also note that all privacy, access, and permission settings are cascading, except for ownership. This means that if you set your media to be Class-Only and also make it password-protected, anyone viewing it will need to be both in the class and know the password. All privacy, access, and permission settings must be fulfilled to view the entry. The only way around this restriction is to be an owner of the entry.

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