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Help - Common Video Problems FAQ

What does "[your media] needs to be transcoded at least once before being viewable" mean?

This means that the video file you uploaded is not compatible with Median's video player. Median will transcode the file for you to make it compatible, which may take anywhere from five minutes to 24 hours depending on how many other videos need to be transcoded. You can check on the status of the farm here: the Farm.

What does "The file was encoded with Apple Proprietary codecs, so it cannot be used by Median." mean?

This means that the video file you uploaded cannot be transcoded or played back by Median because it was encoded using proprietary codecs like XDCAM or ProRes. To upload it to Median, you have to re-export it from Final Cut or Compressor to a more friendly format like H264. Apple proprietary formats are also extremely large, so it's a good idea to compress them to a more mobile codec.

The video is not immediately available, but I encoded it properly! Why?

Make sure the file format is MP4, not MOV. Make sure the video/audio codecs you used are H.264 for video and AAC for audio. Additionally, to be immediately available, the video must be less than 1900kbps total bitrate, and 720p (1280x720) or lower resolution. If you open the file in Quicktime, you can go to Window > Movie Inspector (or press Command-I) and it will tell you what codecs the video is using as well as what bitrate the file plays at. It's common to accidentally use Apple MPEG-4 video codec, or to forget to encode the audio to AAC. If you believe you have done so but your entry still isn't immediately available, please do not hesitate to contact support.

The video stutters or is choppy or I can’t view it reliably at home.

Every video upload on Median has up to five "versions" created for improved streaming from off-campus locations. These versions range from small, iPhone-compatible quality to full HD high-bandwidth quality. The Median video player works to gauge your available bandwidth and provide you with the appropriate version, and will automatically scale up or down based on your bandwidth. This switching may cause a second or two of buffering in the video player. If you are off campus, it is also possible that wherever you are viewing the media does not have a sufficient connection speed to stream media from Emerson at all.

If you are the owner of a media entry that is having trouble streaming at a steady rate, click on the "Advanced Info" tab below the video to view how many versions are available and their status. If you are experiencing any problems and would like specific advice on your entry, or any entry on Median, please do not hesitate to contact support.

My video is playing sideways or upside-down!

Most likely this means you recorded it sideways, typically on an iPad or iPhone. When you record in portrait mode or upside-down on your iOS device, it's still recording it literally as if you were in landscape mode. Right now Median has no way of "knowing" when there's some other way to orient the video, so it transcodes it and plays it back using the dimensions its given. A future update to Median will attempt to fix this discrepancy. In the meantime, please shoot video in landscape mode.

If You Have Any Questions

Please feel free to email me about anything relating to Median or video for the web using the Contact Us form.

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