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Good News, Bad News


LicensePublic Domain
Notes/DescriptionIn this hour of You Are Here we take a look at coming out in unconventional ways. Typically the term is used to refer to those in the LGBT community who come out of the closet to themselves, their family and their friends. But, every time we reveal an element of ourselves that was previously unknown, we're also coming out. How do you calculate the timing and format? Is it worth coming out at all? You Are Here bring you a number of stories in which people have to to come out of various closets. We find out both the risks and benefits of taking that next step. In this episode, reporters speak with politicians who struggle with personal beliefs that might make them unpopular, single parents who come out to their children about dating, Jewish families contending their son's non-Jewish girlfriend, and even the founder of Post Secret. We also conduct a series of short interviews in which people tell stories of moments they came out to themselves.
ProgramtitleComing Out In Unconventional Ways
StationWERS 88.9
HostEmma-Jean Weinstein
Air Date5/20/2012
Writer(s)Emma-Jean Weinstein