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Beyond A Degree


LicensePublic Domain
Notes/DescriptionThese are the graduate stories you didn’t hear at commencement. In this hour of You Are Here, reporters explore the jives and blues of graduating from college in 2012. This episode examines the ethical debate surrounding unpaid internships. We ask why the seemingly harmless college expectation can polarize socioeconomic classes. Reporters uncover how a Dartmouth graduate with two masters degrees went from living in a college dorm room to Boston’s homeless shelter. We investigate how government funded and private loan programs prey on students from the moment they turn the tassel. Reporters also travel to Yale to hear testimony of whether it takes hard work, optimism or just simple luck to move from the slums of Staten Island to a tree lined neighborhood across from the university’s quad. To end, college graduates young and old reveal the advice they received upon graduation; the advice that meant something later on in life, and the advice they completely regret listening to.
StationWERS 88.9
HostKathryn Barnes
Air Date5/27/2012
Writer(s)Kathryn Barnes