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A Healthcare Timeline


LicensePublic Domain
Notes/DescriptionIn this hour of You Are Here, we explore the two mirroring health care laws: Obamacare and Romneycare. In the first week of April the Supreme Court weighed the fate of the nation’s Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as the law it’s known to both parties. Meanwhile, the Bay State stands as a real-world example of how the law may play out nationally. In this episode we bring five stories of situations that come from Romneycare, Obamacare, and more often both. First we take a look at the recent history of health care reform. The individual mandate requires all Americans to have or buy health insurance, and it's at the core of the debate when it comes to the president’s Affordable Care Act. But the idea is actually not a new one. We explore the failed attempts of health care reform in the past, employer's responsibility to provide coverage, and and the individuals who chose to opt out of health insurance. The Affordable Care Act includes sweeping change in care, but what effects will that have on the doctors and hospitals who provide that care? Reporters speak with Massachusetts doctors to find out what new challenges and benefits providers are faced with under The Commonwealth’s law and what changes may be in store for the nation. We also find out about a lesser known clause in the Affordable Care Act, an exemption specifically for certain religious groups.
ProgramtitleRomneycare and the Affordable Care Act
StationWERS 88.9
HostAlyssa Edes
Air Date4/8/2012
Writer(s)Alyssa Edes