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Strength in Patience


LicensePublic Domain
Notes/DescriptionIn this hour of You Are Here — in light of the upcoming summer Olympics — reporters speak with people who have built strength from a variety of situations and circumstances. How does one define strength and weakness? There are so many little idioms that we say almost thoughtlessly like, “there’s strength in numbers” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but what do they really mean? Is there strength in holding back or pushing forward? Working hard or resting? You’ll hear from young gymnasts who are dedicated to training for olympics in the far-off future and the physical therapists and coaches who advise them on just how to build the strength they need, clergymen who find strength in faith and experts on faith who find the logic behind belief to be a pattern of sociology, amputees who run ultra marathons on prosthetic limbs and those who advocate for survivors of domestic violence. We also find those who have strength in patience as they work with the partygoers of Massachusetts’ Allston neighborhood.
ProgramtitleHuman Strength
StationWERS 88.9
HostEmma-Jean Weinstein
Air Date7/22/2012
Writer(s)Emma-Jean Weinstein