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Lawyers Advertising


LicensePublic Domain
Notes/DescriptionIn light of few high-profile court cases (think John Edwards and Jerry Sandusky), where the juries were closely scrutinized and reported on - we examine the idea of the jury as the story. Typically, we expect stories to focus on the subject, the plaintiff, the defendant-- in the broader sense, the star of the show, the players in the game, and the main source for the article. But what happens when the spotlight turns to the audience, the spectators, the jurors? How does that dynamic play out? In this hour you'll hear from lawyers who hire production houses to create their television and radio advertisements and those who work in law that discount the power of advertising, regular citizens who have served on juries that ranged from mundane to tragic, the experts who argue for the soundness of the jury system, british soccer fans (some of whom are more rowdy than others) as they walk us through the fandom's more violent past and witness the excitement surrounding the Eurocup.
ProgramtitleJury as the Story
StationWERS 88.9
HostEmma-Jean Weinstein
Air Date6/24/2012
Writer(s)Emma-Jean Weinstein