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Exclusive interview with Trevor Hughes


LicensePublic Domain
Notes/DescriptionIn this hour we explore the idea that there is no such thing a private moment. In an age were every move can be traced and shared for all to know, we seek to answer whether our privacy in the modern age is becoming obsolete. Be it an Internet search or the swipe of a customer loyalty card-- it seems as though our every move is being monitored. We deliver five stories regarding this alleged loss of privacy, find out what it means and what new situations it creates. Reporters explore the role of privacy as it pertains to student and instructor relationships, and uncover how businesses are tracking customers through customer loyalty cards. We look into the depression extensive social media can lead to, and how some are choosing to live completely off the grid.
ProgramtitleThere's No Such Thing as a Private Moment
StationWERS 88.9
HostAlyssa Edes
Air Date4/1/2012
Writer(s)Alyssa Edes