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You Are Here: Illegal Immigration


LicensePublic Domain
Notes/DescriptionFirst Arjun Singh will discuss our nation's Southern border security. Then we'll hear from reporter Faryn Tobler about immigration laws. After this, Emily Files takes a look at employment for immigrants, both legal and illegal. Next we hear from Dillon Rand. He explores the secure communities program adopted by many states. Then reporters Melyssa Cantor and Gillian Barbieri will discuss the dream act. To close the show we'll talk to Joe Arpaio, known to many as America's toughest sheriff. He speaks about his eighteen years fighting crime and illegal immigration in Arizona's Maricopa County.
Reporter(s)Micaeli Rourke, Arjun Singh, Faryn Tobler, Emily Files, Dillon Rand, Melyssa Cantor, Gillian Barbieri, Kathryn Barnes
StationWERS/Kathryn Barnes
Air Date2/27/2011